Vacancy Announcement: Project Management Specialist – Youth and Education


Marta LP (UNAOC)

Background Information – Job-specific

Under the coordination of the Program Management Coordinator and the direct supervision of the Director, UNAOC, the Project Management Specialist duties will include:

  • Coordinate training organization and curriculum development for selected organizations on various topics;
  • Design, implement and coordinate new project activity across the full spectrum of the UNAOC pillars of activity 
(Youth, Education, Media, and Migration), with an emphasis on youth and education projects;
  • Engage in the development and expansion of partnerships with research bodies, think-tanks, civil society groups and universities to build and expand on potential content areas (especially gender issues); research and develop new areas featuring best practices and resources on cross-cultural dialogue;
  • Draft new initiatives in accordance with internal procedures to participation of selected organizations in various events of the Alliance and partners;
  • As appropriate, participate in the selection of the projects related to competitive processes. Subtasks can include: creation of a comprehensive database; participate in fundraising efforts, coordination of process of selecting jury members and liaison with them; short listing of projects; presentation of short-listed projects to the selection panel; drafting of a summary report on the selection process; establishment of direct liaison with selected projects;
  • Responsible for actively monitoring the financial aspects of the assigned project including keeping progress report of budget execution and drafting reports to the donors. Actively provide support to all logistics needed for project activities while working closely with the Administrative Associate.
  • Draft TORs for services and liaise with vendors as needed including collecting vendor forms.
  • Maintain records, file and organize documents regarding project operations.
  • Liaise with UN departments and agencies in order to maintain policy relevance and identify innovative and entrepreneurial practices;
  • Coordinate website and other electronic (internet, social media, etc.) outreach efforts with the Communications staff;
  • Where appropriate, follow up with the selected organizations, providing technical support and expertise;
  • Assist communications team when relevant to monitor and track stories about achievements of organizations or individuals supported by UNAOC;
  • Support communications team and provide input for the communications team to produce communication materials pertaining to assigned project activities;
  • Incorporate a consultation process with stakeholders and partners from different regions;
  • Ensure use of best practices in the monitoring and assessment of all UNAOC projects;
  • Monitor the full field of international project activity by international and regional organizations as well as NGOs involving innovative grassroots projects, with a focus on intercultural understanding;
  • Contribute to the overall work of the UNAOC Secretariat and take on additional tasks as and when needed.


  • Excellent analytical, research and drafting skills;
  • Excellent communication (spoken and written) skills; excellent presentation skills;
  • Excellent skills in all phases of project management (design, drafting, implementation, follow-up);
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Strong attention to details;
  • Ability to harmoniously work in a team to achieve organizational goals;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and international environment;
  • Ability to work well under pressure and to meet tight deadlines;



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