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Vaga Lume-Net Program goes international

Marta LP

Vaga Lume, a recipient of the Intercultural Innovation Award 4th UNAOC Global Forum, is now replicating its Net Program internationally for the first time with the support of the UNAOC and the BMW Group.

The pilot started in September, 2016 and it is stimulating the dialogue between teenagers from São Braz (a community in Pará – Amazon/Brazil) and the Kehila Democratic School (in Tel Aviv/Israel) through the production of projects (letters, drawings, posters, models, handcrafts etc) that talk about identity and environment.

The idea of the international replication was born during the First Intercultural Innovation Award Alumni Meeting held in Berlin, Germany in November, 2015 and it has become a reality thanks to the support received by UNAOC and the BMW Group.

This pilot has already benefited 71 teenagers and two educators from the Amazon, Brazil and the city of Tel Aviv, in Israel and is opening many doors to other potential international exchanges.

“In a Democratic School, kids can choose which workshops they want to participate. When I offered the International Net Program, it became one of the most popular workshops of all times in Kehila. They got really excited” – Sharon Misheiker, Educator from Kehila School.




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