How It Works

The TIME BANK is the section where all the requests and offers for help are posted.

How to post a request:

Fill out the short form with detailed information about your request (in English only):

  • Project Title: Please choose a direct title that accurately describes your request and will be easy to find/identify later.
  • Number of hours requested: Try to be as accurate as possible. If you do not know the exact number of hours needed to complete a service, consult an expert in that field, if possible, to gauge the time required. If you are not able to consult an expert, you should make a rough estimate on your own.
  • Must be completed within XX days from posting: Indicate your deadline to have the project completed. Be realistic when indicating the number of days and keep in mind that finding a mentor/member whose profile matches your request and is willing and available to volunteer his/her skills will also take some time.
  • Skill needed: Choose the main skill required to provide the service. Often times, more than one skill will be needed to complete the task, however, try to find the most relevant one. This will help the system best match your request with the most suitable expert(s).
  • Areas of Impact: Select the area(s) of impact of your project. This will help potential volunteers better understand the broader picture of your project in order to provide a more targeted service.
  • Summary: Describe your need in a sentence or two. Try to be clear and direct.
  • Project Details: Please give comprehensive background information about your project and what you are looking for. (Limit 300 words)
  • Deliverables: Explain in detail the final product(s) or task(s) you are expecting from the volunteer. This will help ensure that both parties are on the same page in terms of what specific actions are to be taken and what specific tangible products are to be submitted.

Finished filling out the form? Now, you’re ready to submit your request! Click the blue “REQUEST SERVICE” button at the bottom of the webpage. Then, be sure to regularly check your email for potential responses.

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