Abdelsamee Abdallah Abouelhamd

Fellowship Programme

AbdelSamee Abdallah Abouelhamd has more than10-years of experience in the nonprofit sector with specific focus on art for activism. His passion about art as means for changing societies and challenging oppression is driving him to work closely with social workers, street artists and art activists to empower them to mobilize arts to stimulate change at their community level. This is his theory of change that he is applying in his day to day work in the past few years. AbdelSamee has utilized his academic background in theater to shape his mission in leading development work. Right now he works as Campaigning Officer for ActionAid ARI. AbdelSamee supports social workers and activists through building their capacities in Advocacy, Campaigning, in addition to supporting ARI’s Partners. This enables them to address issues of inequality and injustice at their level. With no end in sight to the Syrian crisis in MENA, using art as a tool to integrate refugees into host communities is becoming very essential in areas affected by the conflict. AbdelSamee works with vulnerable youth and women from refugee and host communities to produce their own community arts foster social cohesion and coexistence. He also led and participated in several effective campaigns for social cohesion, social integration, economic empowerment for refugees, women’s rights and children rights. AbdelSamee worked as an artistic manager for Atabet Fann for Arts, Media and Training, and conducted several regional projects for cultural and artistic rights, in addition to cross-culture exchange projects, and he has his effective contribution in several local and regional cultural projects since 2006. AbdelSamee is well learner, open-minded, has passion to be exposed to new experiments, cultures and contexts, has good communication skills. He interested in focusing on the topics of youth, management, arts and human rights.


UNAOC Pillar

  • youth
  • media

Areas of Focus

  • Arts, Culture and Entertainment
  • Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
  • Media Literacy
  • Preventing Violent Extremism


  • Advocacy
  • Creative Services
  • Video
  • Data & Analytics
  • Evaluation
  • Research
  • Mentoring
  • Motivation
  • Networking
  • Management
  • Coordination
  • Team Building
  • Proposals
  • Organization & Planning
  • Events
  • Strategy
  • Trainings

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