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Abdallah Brahini

Abdulrazzaq Hashem Abdulrazzaq Al-Azaz

Adlene Meddi

Author thriller and reporter, I am since 2009 editor of El Watan Weekend. I am passionate about literature and phootgraphie and I participate in civic activities.

Afifa Ltifi

Youth Empowering Parents

Agazi, whose family originates from Eritrea, was born in Germany. After his law degree at the University of London, he moved to Toronto, Canada where he now dedicates much of...

UNAOC PROJECT: Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA)

Ahamed Sanoon

will update it soon


Ahmed Elawady

I'm a social and political activist with a medical background. Have shifted from medicine to social work in 2008 in response to the social and political situation in Egypt. along...

Ahmed Mahyoub Mohammed Al-Nowaihmi

Yemeni journalist journalistic work began in September 2001 and in 2003 contributed to the founding of the conference site Net starting at the beginning of the electronic press in Yemen....

Aisha Habli

Passionate about Social Entrepreneurship. Determined to make a dent in this world. A good one.

Alaa Hamamra

I am a blogger and a translator ( From Arabic to English and vise versa)

Puerta Joven

Non profit Marketing professional

UNAOC PROJECT: Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA)

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