Ahmed Windi
Project Field Coordinator, Pax for Peace International

Fellowship Programme

A 29 years old Development Practitioner from Baghdad, Iraq. Focused on Youth, Peacebuilding, Social Cohesion, and Gender Equality in conflict and post conflict settings, speaks 4 languages; Arabic, Kurdish, English, and Spanish with an extensive experience in project coordination and management. Currently working with Pax for Peace International as a Project Field Coordinator in a project that promotes Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB), social cohesion, protection of minorities, and fostering dialogue among different groups throughout Iraq.


UNAOC Pillar

  • youth

Areas of Focus

  • Diversity and Social Inclusion
  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
  • Preventing Violent Extremism


  • Data & Analytics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coordination
  • Proposals

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