Ferdos Almgawab

Media Programming

PROFILE A 34-year-old Libyan woman from Benghazi who began working as a citizen-journalist for the Media Centre, an ad hoc organization created to over events in the east of the country. I have presented reports on the humanitarian situation and covered the situation of women and have hosted popular programmed by 2011 radio shows rate. Journalist in exile since September 2012 after called and organized “Save Benghazi” demonstration. EXPERIENCE I directed first Libyan cartoon “ Mragae3 and Halema “ July 2014 ALWASAT RADIO — 2013-2014 Co-founder of an online radio “Alwasat” from Cairo, Egypt that is focus on the Libyan political and social development. CO-FOUNDER & RADIO PRESENTER, SHABAB LIBYA FM, BENGHAZI, LIBYA — 2011-2012 Co-founder of Shabab LiFM and a presenter of the popular show “Ismaouna”, Listen to us, which discusses political and social issue in Libya HUMANITARIAN AID, BENGHAZI — MAY 2011 Part of the Humanitarian Aid committee to support the displaced people from the west of the country. Provide food support to families in the affected areas. PRESENTER, HAWAA, RADIO BENGHAZI — FEB - MAY2011 Prepared and present in the local Benghazi radio that cover the latest development of the both international and local update on the revolution. JOURNALIST, MEDIA CENTER, BENGHAZI, LIBYA — FEB 2011 Volunteer journalist with the first established media center during the revolution 2011. Reported on daily development on the ground of demonstration and Gaddafi violations. CEO & CO-FOUNDER, ADVERTISING AGENCY, BENGHAZI, LIBYA — 2007 - 2011 Co-founder of an advertising agency in Benghazi for more than three years. Worked on local campaign for private local companies. EDUCATION ENGLISH DEPARTMENT BENGHAZI UNIVERSITY, BENGHAZI, LIBYA — FINAL YEAR PUBLIC ACTIVITY 100 INFORMATION HEROES, RSF - MAY 2014 Listed on 100 most brave journalistblogger on the world on World Press Freedom Day. ENOURMED, LIBYA REPRESENTATIVE — 2013 Represented Libya at ENOURMED in Paris. Details needed. AUSTRIA - 2013 More Details Needed. FRANCE, 2013 More details Needed CAIRO, NETWORKING, 2013 More details Needed SAVE BENGHAZI, LIBYA — 2012 Co-ogranized the demonstration against militant groups in Benghazi for their egregious violations. Were responsible for the media campaign to call for Army and Police and push for the Rights of Women in the constitution. BENGHAZI LOCAL ELECTIONS, LIBYA — 2013 Participated in training observers for the first elections after the 2011 revolutions in 2012. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION CAPACITY BUILDING DIPLOMA — 2013 PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY, RUSSIAN CENTER — 2013 PHOTOJOURNALISM, AWNA ACADEMY — 2013 ELECTRONIC MEDIA, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO — 2012 CERTIFIED OBSERVER, GOETHE INSTITUTE — 2012 ELECTIONS MEDIA REPORTING, — 2012 ICDL — 2011


UNAOC Pillar

Areas of Focus


  • Creative Services
  • Artwork
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web Design
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Advertising
  • Media Relations
  • Presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Proposals
  • Publicity
  • Social Media
  • Speeches
  • Translation

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