Markrid Antossian

Fellowship Programme

Markrid Antossian has a considerable experience in the field of international protection and humanitarian response. Currently she works with UNICEF – Beirut within the Programme section where she is responsible to design and implement Programme intervention and establish effective partnerships with local government stakeholders and CSO as well as to monitor and evaluate the overall work of her section. Before joining UNICEF she used to work with UNHCR as Senior Resettlement Assistant in Beirut, throughout her work with UNHCR she has gained a tremendous experience in dealing with traumatized individuals where she used to identify and interview Syrian displaced individuals daily for the purpose of recommending them durable solution - resettlement. She started her career with IOM as project assistant where she worked on identifying victims of trafficking through visiting the detention center and interviewing the victims and assessing their situation to grant them voluntary return and repatriation. Markrid’s background is Political Science which unleashed her passion towards working in International Governmental Organizations. She has a BA degree in Political Science from Haigazian University. Moreover, she is currently pursuing her MA Degree in International Affairs where she anticipates to graduate by the end of 2017, where her research focuses on refugee hosting mechanisms and the existing gaps inside the international refugee law. She has been granted the prestigious BROWN University's BIARI programme scholarship , where she attended a short summer course about Forced Displacement and Making of the New World. In October 2015 she was selected to become UNAOC Fellow, where she was accepted as a fellow under the theme of Migration and Integration. The fellowship started in Sarajevo, then to Berlin, Brussels, New York and the last stop was Washington.


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