Nidaa Nassar

Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF)

With extensive experience in management of youth projects I have developed pedagogical and theoretical materials and resources utilized in youth leadership development programs. I organize and conduct trainings, workshops and lectures relating to youth empowerment for intervention in violence, social responsibility activism and volunteerism. I also have experience in the directorship of Baladna, an NGO whose overall goal is to enable and strengthen Arab youths’ understanding and use of the principles of democracy, gender equality, pluralism, tolerance and human rights. In conjunction with this, Baladna engages youth in discussions and debates concerning their identity and historical context as Palestinians as well as socio-political issues facing Palestinians in Israel, the occupied territories and the Diaspora. As the director of Baladna, my responsibilities include: managing the organization’s youth projects in collaboration with project coordinators and group instructors, overseeing financial matters, supervision of fundraising efforts and maintaining communication with funders and foundations. In addition, I manage local and international public relations and follow up the association's media presence in coordination with the media coordinator. I have experience in conducting research focused on Arab youth needs including: identity, work, education, political and social participation and social attitudes, based on monitoring theoretical materials and conducting field research. My research work has included: accompanying researchers and contributing to the research efforts as well as coordinating The Second Palestinian Youth Issues Conference. In addition to my work as director of Baladna, I am an activist with a history of work in the field of women and girls’ empowerment. I have vast experience in working with young girls and women in schools, safe homes and with victims of violence residing in women shelters, and for awareness raising campaigns regarding the phenomenon of sexual assaults in the Arab society.


UNAOC Pillar

  • youth

Areas of Focus

  • Preventing Violent Extremism


  • Networking
  • Team Building
  • Trainings

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