Pamir Ehsas

Summer Schools

Pamir Ehsas is a law student at University of Oslo who is currently on leave to study Political Economy at the University of Oxford. As the founding CEO of Brighter Tomorrow – through their nationwide fundraiser campaign “Studentaksjonen”/The Student Campaign – he has mobilized more than 2 000 students across 7 cities, raised $ 209 000, and by that, also ensured the right to education of 1 750 afghan children and youth. Pamirs work does not stop there. At the age of 19 he was selected to be a youth columnist and editor at the biggest newspaper in Norway (Aftenposten). He has since been a vocal voice on youth rights in the Norwegian public debate, but also been published by HuffPost and BBC Afghanistan. Pamir`s advocacy work has led him to being sent as Youth Delegate to the UN at three different occasions. Furthermore, he has proposed precise guidelines and policies at two different Norwegian parliamentary hearings, and discussed youth and peacebuilding with former UNSG Ban Ki Moon and Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. At the age of 23, he has already achieved to become a published author, Fulbright-alumni, and a multi-award winning philanthropist. He was awarded the “Young Leader of the Year”-award by HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, received honorary awards by Afghan Embassy in Oslo, US Dept. of State and the Afghan UN Delegation. Last August, Pamir held a speech and was awarded the Outstanding Youth Delegate Award at the UN General Assembly Hall in front of 1 600 youth delegates.


UNAOC Pillar

  • youth
  • education

Areas of Focus

  • Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
  • Human Rights and the Rule of Law
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
  • Preventing Violent Extremism


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