Raphaelyn C.Nae Bomosy

Young Peacebuilders

Raphaelyn C.N Bomosy is a volunteer development worker, accountant, humanitarian, and peace messenger. Recognizing the need for transformational, not-for-profit work in communities in Liberia, Ms. Bomosy, founded The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc. to help address some of the pressing needs of Liberians. Since its founding in 2018, the foundation has grown remarkably well, all thanks to our amazing volunteers and donors. The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc. (TRF-Inc) is an outstanding charitable organization, which focuses on giving back to communities by providing life-changing experiences through volunteerism. Those who are helped are encouraged to help other people to the extent they can do so. The Foundation’s mission is to provide a neutral, safe, friendly, and collaborative environment in which people from diverse backgrounds can work together to help feed, educate, and support those in need, as well as to provide resources for quality healthcare. Ms. Bomosy's passion for volunteerism has grown significantly after her first major volunteer experience during the Ebola outbreak in Liberia while she served her community, District #6, and Liberia in general by creating awareness on Ebola and educating people on the safety and preventive measures of Ebola. Ms. Bomosy is passionate about everything she does, and her goal is to help others in giving them hope and making their dreams a reality.


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