Rumeng Shi

Summer Schools

Rumeng Shi is an alumna of the EF-UNAOC summer school in 2015. She is greatly passionate about cultural exchange, youth dialogues and gender equality. She completed her Master study on European culture from 2015 to 2017 in both Germany and the Netherlands. Her master study was focused on European culture, history and society in the global context.During her master study, she was highly involved in different youth-related events and gained deep insights into intercultural dialogues through her rich experiences. In 2016,she did an internship in the UNESCO-UNEVOC in Bonn, Germany, an institution that is specialized in improving the image of vocational and technical education and training worldwide. To empower the young people with solid vocational and technical skills is one of the missions of the UNESCO-UNEVOC, based on the belief that young people are the key power for peacebuilding in the future. She is currently working as a project developer in an educational tour company, specialized in developing domestic and international educational tours for young students from different parts of China. She deeply believes in the power of the young generation and is dedicated to promoting youth dialogues among the youth with different backgrounds.


UNAOC Pillar

  • youth
  • education

Areas of Focus

  • Intercultural Dialogue


  • Advocacy
  • Management
  • Organization & Planning

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