Summer Schools

With a background in television production and currently completing a Masters programme in Journalism and Media Studies, Gino is a firm believer that media is key in reconstructing the African narrative. "Media often dictates social narratives - what we find important; why we find certain pop cultures more trendy than others; how we define beauty; and, at times, it can desensitize us to horrible things that are happening around us. There is also a great divide between media creators and consumers." In starting SANTE MEDIA a year ago, he hopes to bridge the gap between young South Africans and the broadcast industry. He wants to enable the youth to use new forms of accessible media to help create and shape their own narratives. Since SANTE MEDIA started, they have screened over 50 amateur short films (some created by first-time filmmakers) on an outdoor commuter network (large digital billboards and screens in bus terminals) that reaches over 9 million viewers across South Africa. "We believe in the power of outdoor media because it requires nothing of the end user. No subscription to cable is needed; no internet connection is needed; and the viewer is not required to purchase any devices (i.e. television set) to enjoy it. Simply, by making their way to and from work, school or visiting friends, millions of South Africans have access to these screens and can watch informative, engaging and educational content." Ultimately, they hope to bring media literacy to classrooms in previously disadvantaged areas across the country and to position the youth as story-tellers in their own right. Content created by these young story-tellers will be shared on the outdoor commuter networks in a bid to stimulate national dialogue.


UNAOC Pillar

  • youth
  • education
  • media

Areas of Focus

  • Arts, Culture and Entertainment
  • Diversity and Social Inclusion
  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • Media Literacy


  • Creative Services
  • Video
  • Budgeting
  • Research
  • Human Resources
  • Mentoring
  • Motivation
  • Networking
  • Management
  • Coordination
  • Decision Making
  • Negotiation
  • Team Building
  • Presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Proposals
  • Speeches
  • Translation
  • Strategy
  • Trainings

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