Urica Primus
President, Guyana Women Miners Org., Individual

Summer Schools

Urica Primus started a philanthropic world at sixteen years old. Ms. Primus was elected President of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation at the age of 24; after serving the organization as an Executive Committee member since the organisation’s origination. Ms. Primus has been striving for gender equality in the mining sector, as well as, increased opportunity for women in mining. She served as Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission twice within the last three years. During her tenor Ms. Primus has written five approved policies for the Commission to aid in the development of the industry. Furthermore, Ms. Primus has been actively involved in combating human trafficking in Guyana by planning rescues and implementing measures to improve the organization’s data collection. She currently serves as both the Director and a member of the Board of Directors of Together in Peace, Guyana’s first safe home for victims of Trafficking in Persons. Ms. Primus is a United Nations Alliance Of Civilization alumni and a member of the How Women Lead global network and an international advisor for the Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation.


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