The main aim of this section is to help UNAOC alumni gain visibility and credibility, promote your own initiatives, increase awareness, inspire other individuals and like-minded organizations and garner more support and resources.

In addition, this section will be used for monitoring and evaluation purposes. UNAOC keeps the right to use the submitted stories in its own communications materials if they are submitted as public stories.

“Public” vs “Private” Stories:

You can decide if you prefer your story to be private or public by clicking on the preferred option when submitting the success story.

If you select “private”, only logged in Intercultural Leaders members will have access. If you prefer to reach a broader audience please select “public”.

Moderation and Approval:

All Success Stories are subject to review and approval by UNAOC. UNAOC reserves the right to decline stories that do not meet the criteria outlined below. All stories that comply with the Editorial Guidelines will be approved within five working days from the date the story was submitted. Please note that any content related to selling or fundraising will be automatically rejected.

Intercultural Leaders Editorial Guidelines:

  1. All submissions must be in English.
  2. Select a title that describes your story and attracts readers’ attention.
  3. Stories should be specific and straightforward. Please bear in mind that the maximum allowed content length is 300 words.
  4. Stories should be written from a third person perspective (e.g. “Mr. John Doe received an award for exemplary performance in the field of education”, not “I received an award for exemplary performance…”).
  5. It is NOT allowed to use the IL Success Stories section for any kind of selling or fundraising (e.g. no explicit selling of any products, including books, event tickets, merchandise, etc.);
  6. Please do not copy and paste from technical documents. Try to make the content clear and appealing for the public;
  7. Link baiting is prohibited. You may include no more than 3 external links in your submission.
  8. Include key results, insight, and interesting facts when relevant. Use of infographics can help the audience understand key numbers.
  9. Quotes can support your story and make it stronger.
  10. Once you have finished, do not forget to include a photo (or photos) to illustrate your story. Please ensure that you own the copyright to any photos you publish.
  11. Kindly include attribution, if necessary. Posting copyrighted material without consent is strictly prohibited.

Please keep in mind that the content submitted requires approval before being published. If approved, your submission may be edited before being posted.

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