How it works?

The TIME BANK is the section where all the requests and offers for help are posted.

How to post an offer for help:

If you would like to offer your help to other members of the platform, please fill out the short form (in English only):

  • Number of hours offered: indicate the number of hours you are available to volunteer to the community for a particular project.
  • Offer valid until: Indicate your deadline to provide the offered support. This will help other members to understand the timeframe of your availability (i.e. until when you are available).
  • Skill offered: Choose the main skill you are offering to volunteer.
  • Areas of Impact: Select the area(s) of impact for the support you are offering.
  • Summary: Describe your offer in a sentence or two. Be clear and direct.  Once another member has accepted your help, you can clarify and finalize the details according to their needs.

Finished filling out the form? Now, you’re ready to submit your request!  Click the blue “OFFER SERVICE” button at the bottom of the webpage.  Then, be sure to regularly check your email for potential responses.

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