Apply for 2nd International Youth Summit Lahore 2018!

CATEGORY: Conference/Fora/Seminars

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Applications are open for 2nd International Youth Summit Lahore 2018 with an aim to highlight a dynamic and principled process of promoting the values, relations and institutions that enable youth to participate in social, economic, cultural and political life on the bases of equal rights and dignity. Summit will focus majorly on engaging societies in order to foster them that are stable, safe and societies that are based on promotion and protection of human rights, as well as respect the value of dignity of each individual, diversity, pluralism, tolerance, non-discrimination, non violence, equal opportunities, solidarity, security and participation of all people, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and persons.

People especially youth will be provided with a space to showcase cultural ideologies as youth is very enthusiastic about cultural identities as they have their own cultures through which they make a statement about themselves.

Summit Dates: 26th November – 2nd December 2018


  • Peace
  • Culture
  • Inclusive Society

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