Apply to Join the Youth Advisory Group for the IAVE’s Global Youth Volunteering Summit 2022

CATEGORY: Conference/Fora/Seminars

Tamara El Chammah (UNAOC)

About the Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group is responsible for co-producing the conference with MacEwan University and IAVE. This group will ensure that all planning and development is taken forward with a youth-led approach and with a global perspective. The group will comprise of young people ages 16-30 from around the world (50% from Edmonton, the host city) and would commit to being involved in the planning process for 12-18 moths prior to the event.

Through the open application process, two representatives from each region (Africa, Arab Nations, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America) will be selected to serve in the Youth Advisory Group. This group will be co-chaired by the IAVE Board Representative for Youth, Yvette Tackie, and the MacEwan University Student Representative.

This group would be involved in developing the theme, program and activities of the Summit and involved in all key decisions around the shape, feel and look of the event.  The group will also have volunteering roles during the Summit.

Role Description

  • Build community with other committees to build the agenda for the Summit.
  • Brainstorm and co-create the theme of Summit.
  • Work with IAVE Youth Board Advisor and McEwan University Student Representative to create and plan the agenda for the Summit.
  • Plan and design activities for the Summit.
  • Take forward ideas and suggestions from the planning committee into actionable activities.
  • Generate and build interest in the Summit in their region via social media.
  • Ensure the execution of the budget with Conference Advisors.
  • Propose and create an action plan of involving NGOs, youth volunteering organizations, Government and other stakeholders in participating in the Summit.
  • Propose avenues of securing funds for the Summit.
  • Attend weekly advisory meetings.
  • Facilitate group norms and meetings with local organizing committee.
  • Provide guidance in terms of barriers for project.
  • Gather supplies for youth activities.

Who Should Apply

We are looking for young people between the ages of 16-30 who:

  • Hold leadership roles in their volunteering organizations
  • Have experience in planning, managing and supervising youth conferences
  • Can commit 10 hours per week for first 12 months and 15-18 hours in the 6 months leading up to the Summit.
  • Can travel to Canada for the Summit.
  • Have devices with adequate internet access to attend online meetings.
  • Have basic proficiency in English (oral and written).

An ideal candidate is:

  • Nonjudgemental and a team player
  • Motivated, honest and creative
  • Aware of global and regional trends in youth volunteering
  • Committed and solution oriented

Apply here:



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