Call for Nominations: Sydney Peace Prize 2019

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Eliana Arteaga ()
The Sydney Peace Foundation is seeking nominations for its Sydney Peace Prize 2019, Australia’s only international prize for peace to recognise leading global peacemakers, ensure their voices are heard, and support their vital work for a fairer world.
The prize brings inspiring and exemplary stories of courage and dedication to global justice to the Australian and Sydney stage, educates the community on the work of the world’s most effective peacemakers, and honours the remarkable people at the heart of these stories.
The Sydney Peace Prize is awarded to an individual or organisation. A jury of carefully selected and highly respected members who represent community, academic, corporate, and media sector interests – assesses the merits of the nominees’ efforts to promote peace with justice.
For more information, please visit: Nominate a peacemaker for the Sydney Peace Prize


Call for Applications: The Intercultural Innovation Hub

Tamara El Chammah

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