Common Purpose: Seeking Applications for Civil Society Leaders Programme


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Applications are open for the Civil Society Leaders Programme which will bring together emerging civil society leaders from the Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese communities.

The programme will introduce them to working together, in a fresh and exciting way, to develop innovative ideas to tackle common challenges. The programme will be run by Common Purpose working with the Asfari Foundation and the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at AUB.

There is no cost to the participants except for travel to and from the programme venue for those living in Beirut. Bursaries are available for travel and accommodation for people living outside of Beirut.
Why take part?
The experience will help participants to:
  • stretch their analytical and creative skills by exposing them to a new approach to innovation;
  • develop their Cultural Intelligence, the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures, by throwing them into a difficult task with a diverse group
  • enhance their ability to Lead Beyond Authority—to lead in situations where they have no formal authority, key for civil society leaders
  • build new networks, by giving them access to participants and contributors they might otherwise never meet
  • develop new ideas and approaches to increase their impact beyond the programme

For more information, please visit: Civil Society Leaders Programme 


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