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Deb Gilbertson (Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA))

You are invited to be a Leadership Coach in the 2020 Global Enterprise Experience   This unique programme grows global leaders who can create a better world.

This opportunity will excite you if you wish to grow your skills to:

  • Coach your staff to lead initiatives and innovate
  • Manage virtual teams – an essential skill during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Manage across diverse cultures and world views
  • Directly impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and learn how to apply them in your organisation
  • Impact your colleague’s creativity, problem solving, decision making, productivity, unity and willingness to help others to succeed
  • Innovate, plan new ventures, and make a profit while making a positive difference in the world.

What is involved?
On April 29 you will receive the details of your global team of eight participants from six to eight diverse countries.

Your team will have three weeks to prepare a business concept proposal for “A profitable venture that fosters a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal using limited capital”.

Your Leadership Coach role is to apply your wisdom and skills to help the designated leader (a university student) and your team members to step up to all aspects of the challenge, and to contribute to the team effort.  This is the same role you take when coaching your staff through the experience of taking on a tough project.

Your time commitment is about one hour per day during the three weeks of the contest.

You are eligible to win the Champion Leadership Coach Award, the Champion Team Award, and a certificate, letter of commendation, and prize money.

More details are on the website

Support, coaching and networking
All participants receive support material on virtual team technologies, fostering creativity, the UNSDGs, preparing a business concept proposal, and making the global team work.

As the Leadership Coach you will also receive coaching, learning materials, and a facilitated peer network of other Leadership Coaches to grow your skills.

How to enrol
Enrol on before April 25.

To your leadership coaching success!

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