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Tamara El Chammah (UNAOC)

Generation Connect is the overarching initiative of the ITU Youth Strategy on the journey to World Telecommunication Development Conference 2021 (WTDC-21) and the WTDC-21 Generation Connect Global Youth Summit. The three pillars of the Youth Strategy are: Empower, Engage and Participate.

The Generation Connect Visionaries Board will be assembled as part of the efforts related to the implementation of the ITU Youth Strategy to further champion the voices of youth to advance digital development. Two ITU representatives, six nominated high-level appointees and six nominated youth experts/young people, will work together on a voluntary basis1, over a period of a year – 2021, to achieve the board’s strategic objectives.


The objectives of the Generation Connect Visionaries Board include the following:

  • To offer strategic guidance on youth participation and empowerment.
  • To identify and invite strategic partners to ensure youth engagement and youth participation in digital cooperation.
  • To advocate for meaningful youth engagement in digital cooperation, through different promotional activities, such as active social media campaigning and inspirational role model talks.

Selection criteria:

The ITU will select board members for the Generation Connect Visionaries Board, based on the following criteria:

  • Active champion for youth engagement, empowerment, and participation.
  • Passionate and active involvement in digital cooperation and youth engagement.
  • Ability to offer strategic guidance and collaborate with the ITU for one year and support in the review after the one year has been completed.
  • Affiliated with at least one youth related organisation, network and/or initiative (local, national or international).
  • In 2021, willing to participate in promotional activities such as interviews, social media, webinars, and panel sessions.
  • Commitment to attend the four board meetings that will take place in 2021, before the November WTDC-21 Generation Connect Global Youth Summit.
  • At least one nominee should come from WTDC-21 host country – Ethiopia.



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