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The Niwano Peace Foundation is seeking applications for its 2018 grant program to build a world of peace and coexistence. The Foundation makes grants in order to actively encourage activities undertaken in the spirit of religious principles grounded and conducted in such a way as to invite broad social participation. The Niwano Peace Foundation promotes interreligious understanding and cooperation. It also strives to strengthen cooperation among people actively making continuing efforts, in a religious spirit, to achieve a peaceful society. The activity grant theme for fiscal year 2018 is “Dialogue and collaboration in divided societies”.


* SOCIAL ACTIVITIES BASED ON THE SPIRIT OF RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES * Social activities based on the spirit of religious principals are defined as those undertaken for individual and community welfare and peace, both physical and spiritual, based on the spirit of religious principles that emerge from reverence for God, Buddha, or other universal spiritual reality. * In particular, these include peace-making activities related to education, volunteer work, development cooperation, environmental protection, human rights or the social problems of aging societies done in the spirit of religious principles which transcend religious boundaries. *

GRASS-ROOTS ACTIVITIES DEPLOYED IN A LOCAL COMMUNITY * Activities to vitalize local communities through interdisciplinary workshops and meetings with particular emphasis on collaboration by groups and individuals from diverse organizations and religious groups. * It is expected that local communities will come up with some new values with an independent mind. * Examples would be workshops and outreach programs to inspire people to think about how people living in faraway countries are related to their own lives.

To apply, please visit: Niwano Peace Foundation



Call for submissions: Health for All Film Festival 2023

Judith Macharia

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