Shughel Shabab: Share your story as a young peacebuilder in MENA


Vanessa Suen ()

Shughel Shabab is an advocacy campaign working to build space for young peacebuilders in the Middle East and North Africa. It will provide a platform to give young peacebuilders a voice, and to promote more inclusive policies and peace processes that make room for young peacebuilders in the region.

Shughel Shabab asks you to tell us your story! Share the peacebuilding problem facing your community, and what you have done to overcome it. Tell us the impact of your work on peacebuilding. Tell us how many people you reached, and how many people you inspired to join your cause.

Out of all entries, 100 stories will be featured in the publication “100 Most Inspiring Stories of Youth Building Peace in the Middle East and North Africa Region” published jointly by UNDP and UNESCO.

The campaign is supported by UNDP and UNESCO on behalf of the Regional UN Interagency Effort. For more info, visit:

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