Sida International Training Program for Media Regulations 2020

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Paloma Haschke-Joseph ()

Applications for the Sida International Training Program on Media Regulation in Africa 2020 are now open. This ITP is a fellowship programme that provides a forum and platform for constructive, creative dialogue between high-level representatives from media, government and civil society on how to improve self-regulatory and regulatory frameworks for media.

The overall objective of this programme is that the participants and their supporting organisations should contribute to the promotion and protection of the institutional frameworks that govern self-regulation of the media sector. More specifically, this programme aims to contribute to the development of self-regulatory frameworks for the media sector, strengthening the institutional and organisational capacities among relevant stakeholders and contributing to national reform and change processes.

A soft copy of the application should be submitted by e-mail to the programme organiser at no later than April 1, 2020.


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