Summer School on Forced Migration and Asylum

CATEGORY: Training

Marta Meloni (Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA))

The Summer School on Forced Migration and Asylum, organised by two Italian organisations active on the frontline of reception and integration of asylum seekers (the association Africa e Mediterraneo and the social cooperative Lai-momo) and supported by several public and private partners working in the field, will investigate a broad range of fundamental issues associated with the current phenomenon of forced migration adopting a methodological approach that is rooted in praxis.

Geopolitical, anthropological and cultural analysis of Countries of origin, labour integration of refugees in the European Member States, mental health and the treatment of illnesses caused by traumatic events experienced during the migration journey, are just some of the topics that will be analysed and discussed during the School. Lectures and seminars will be completed with field visits to reception centres, offering interventions and training about how reception and integration initiatives are conducted in the field.

The Summer School will take place in Bologna, Italy from the 3rd to the 8th July 2017.

The theoretical and practical sessions of the School will offer thorough and multidisciplinary training on several aspects of migration. The contents of the classes will touch upon five principal broad topics, which will be the starting points for further discussions between participants and lecturers. This year, the Summer School will focus on:

  • Countries of origin
  • Labour integration of refugees
  • Circular migration and voluntary returns
  • Mental health and therapeutic assistance
  • Communication on migration and hate speech

The training will provide new perspectives and enhance the effectiveness of those who work, or who are willing to work, in the professional sector of the reception and integration of migrants, as well as in social communication and in academic research related to this topic. Moreover, participants will be able to share their practical and academic experiences during specific sessions dedicated to networking, with the aim of establishing fruitful relations among people active in the field at the international and local level.

Beneficiaries and venue
The ideal candidates for the Summer School are researchers, journalists, experts and social workers who work in the field of migration and communication, Masters students. All panels will be conducted in English.


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