Vacancy Announcement: Trainer for Young Peacebuilders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), 2019 edition


Eliana Arteaga ()

Vacancy Announcement: Trainer for Young Peacebuilders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), 2019 edition

Duties, responsibilities and timeline: Trainer

In close collaboration with the UNAOC Project Management Specialist – Youth and Education, as well as the broader curriculum development team, the trainer will:

  • Review and analyze information provided to customize the content of the curriculum to the
    trainees’ needs, the current international peace (education) frameworks and UNAOC’s mandate
    (end of March 2019);
  • Develop content and educational materials for the online modules, face-to-face workshop,
    implementation phase and symposium in order to meet the session’s proposed objectives and the learning needs of participants (April-May 2019). All content and materials are subject to UNAOC’s approval. UNAOC will be responsible for assembling and sharing consolidated participants’ training package. This training package will be shared as a resource with all participants, free of costs, for further use in their activities, including the possibility to share the package’s content with their organization and beneficiaries;
  • Facilitate the online modules on the interactive learning platform: posting assignments, motivating participants, respond to questions, provoke online discussions, etc. (May-Jul 2019);
  • Facilitate the face-to-face workshop (Jul-Aug 2019, at a location to be determined), and participate in debrief sessions with UNAOC;
  • Mentor and guide the participants through the implementation of their action plans (Aug-Nov
  • Contribute to the final symposium and attend if required (Nov-Dec 2019, at a location to be
  • Submit a post-training report summarizing the workshops conducted, lessons learned and recommendations.

For more information, please visit: UNAOC Vacancy Announcement



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