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Petar Jankuloski

Volunteer, Global Voices Lingua Project in Macedonian

UNAOC-EF Summer school 2013 Alumni - Active volunteer, youth advocator and passionate contributor to intercultural dialogue, policymaker taking up hobbies in amateur photography, bicycle riding, antique collection, music and travelling....

Chrystallenis Socratous

Khalid Berkouz

Yasmine Chaouch

Community Outreach Officer, Mobdiun - Creative Youth

I am a project coordinator at Mobdiun – Creative Youth, a Tunisian NGO working with youth from unprivileged areas to create solutions to prevent violent extremism, and to promote their...

Yukta Bajracharya

Claudia Maffettone

Track II Mediation Program Manager, Search for Common Ground

Claudia Maffettone is the Track II Mediation Program Manager at Search for Common Ground. She is a conflict resolution practitioner and a certified mediator, trained at the New York Peace...

Maida Sljivic

Kimia Maleki

UNAOC Summer School in Lisbon, Portugal was a unique experience to meet great young leaders from around the world who shaped my experiences and understandings of global challenges more holistically....

Prakhar Deep Jain

Filmmaker, Individual

Hi, I am Prakhar, a documentary filmmaker based out of Mumbai, India. I mainly excels in social impact films and have made more than 30 short documentaries and a feature...

Zannatul Ferdous

I am the Project Coordinator of National Council of Disabled Women (NCDW), a nonprofit organization in Bangladesh. I coordinate with the management team and field team to create an inclusive...


Youth empowerment and involvement in decision processes, Tun'Act

In the flow of the Yasmin revolution, Zied Touzani founded and chaired Tun'Act, an NGO working in youth citizenship awareness and inclusion in decision process in Tunisia. He was the...

Zdenek Chaloupka

Documentary filmmaker and photographer. After graduating from Political Science and International Relations at Charles University in Prague, he began to study documentary filmmaking at FAMU. He dealt with the issue...

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