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Lea Dienhart

Rania Salah Seddik

Ranokhon Dzhumaeva

Lena Gorska

Lenka Petkova

Lenka Peťková is as a Project Assistant at European Spallation Source, a multi-disciplinary research facility based on what will be the world's most powerful neutron source, generating new science and...

Rashida Namulondo

Founder/, The Sophie Muwanika Institute of Art for change

Rashida Namulondo is an award winning performance poet, actress and youth worker whose works seek to use narratives and stories as a source of social healing and development. Driven by...

Davide Dusi

Nevena Vukašinović

Nevena Vukašinović is Vice-President of the European Non-Governmental Youth Sports Organization and Focal Point at UN’s Major Group of Children and Youth. Encouraging exchange among UN and International Olympic Committee,...

Lina Anai Silva

Renee Black

B.Comm (Hons), MA International Affairs (Hons), PeaceGeek

Renee is the founder and Executive Director of PeaceGeeks, a Canadian non-profit organization which launched in October 2011 focused on leveraging technology for strengthening peace, human rights and humanitarian response....

Abdelsamee Abdallah Abouelhamd

AbdelSamee Abdallah Abouelhamd has more than10-years of experience in the nonprofit sector with specific focus on art for activism. His passion about art as means for changing societies and challenging...

Kurt Shaw

Executive Director, Shine a Light/Usina da Imaginação

When I graduated from college, I dreamed of being some kind of a pacifist, post-modern Che Guevara, and in fact I spent two years with revolutionary groups and left wing...

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