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Wise Nzikie Ngasa

Wise Nzikie Ngasa has over ten years’ experience in youth-development, entrepreneurship promotion, and conflict mitigation. He holds a master’s degree in International Development from the Institute of Education, University College...

UNAOC PROJECT: Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF)

Sara Eftekhar

Mourad Yazli

Co-Founder of Algerian Youth Voices, Algerian Youth Voices

Mourad YAZLI is one of the trainers and the co-founder of the Algerian Youth Voices (AYV). Mourad holds a B.Sc. in human physiology and a M.Sc. in Neurosciences. He worked...

Adama Sidibe

Sara Fuchs

Sarah Zaaimi

I am a Moroccan Media and Development Specialist based in Washington DC. I am interested in Identity, Media, and Cultural Studies. I have an extensive knowledge of the MENA region...

Afifa Ltifi

Ferdos Almgawab

PROFILE A 34-year-old Libyan woman from Benghazi who began working as a citizen-journalist for the Media Centre, an ad hoc organization created to over events in the east of the country....

Marija Inesa Luneckaite

Media and film student at Northeastern University, BA'18, and PLURAL+ 2013 alumni. I am an aspiring filmmaker with interests in social advocacy and communication studies. So far, I have produced a...

Fernanda Curiel

I have several hobbies which are basically my lifestyle: produce and edit videos of any kind, take pictures that reflect the essence of my city or any city I visit...


Stella has spent her career at the forefront of humanitarian operations. She joined FilmAid in 2005, becoming the organisation's Kenya Country Director in 2010. Under her leadership, FilmAid has designed...

UNAOC PROJECT: Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA)

Khadeja Abuhaliqa

Qatari Youth graduated with International Studies degree, (Media, Communication and Journalism focus in Middle East). Master degree in Public Policy. Start doing volunteering job when I was 16 years...

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