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Are you a UNAOC Alumnus / Alumna?

Masoumeh Jamalinia

Mathelda Titihalawa

Areeg Badawy

Areeg ahmed am 22 years old , i’m from Egypt and i study veterinary medicine in my 5th year, I participated in UNAOC this year ( February...




With a background in television production and currently completing a Masters programme in Journalism and Media Studies, Gino is a firm believer that media is key in reconstructing the African...

Alejandro Gonzalez Permingeat

I am Alejandro Gonzalez Permingeat, student of International Relations at UNR Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina . Alumni of AFS exchange program to Indonesia 2014/15 and UNAOC PLURAL +...

Mayra de Souza

I’m engaged for more than 12 years, with Sustainability and Strategic Planning, Process Management, Compliance and Governance in several sectors of Brazil and international platforms. Coordination and implementation of the...

Ghaith Alghaffari

Ghaith Alghaffari is a young physician graduated from Al-Kindi Medical School in Baghdad. His family’s background is multicultural, and its diversity represents almost every part of Iraq. Joining medical school...

Maytree Foundation

Cathy is the Project Leader, DiverseCity onBoard at the Maytree Foundation where she leads the DiverseCity onBoard program and its replication and adaptation both nationally and internationally. The objective of...

UNAOC PROJECT: Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA)

Shruti Rai

Creative Director, Chinh India

Media Literacy enthusiast and practitioner of Visual and Applied Art, Shruti Rai is winner of Rajat Kamal from President of India. Engaged in evolving culture/music/art as tool for activism, change...

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