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Malak Oussidhoum

Promoting and inspiring a global, impactful and sustained Leadership, is for Malak Oussidhoum the result of a +15-year experience accompanying leaders working in multicultural environments. She inspires and guides challenging...

Elchin Murtuzov

Mamoun Mahayni

Momen Tareq Hameed

co-founder of the Iraqi charity group and a member of Kokar organization of youth, Iraqi charity group

Momen Hameed is a co-founder of the Iraqi charity group and a member of Kokar organization of youth. He is a doctor and holds Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)....

Sagal Mohamuud Mohamed

I am psychotherapist and human rights activist. I am a recognised youth leader for extensive work in relation to youth empowerment, advocating for reconciliation, cohesion and peace-building approaches in countering...

Elio Alonso Vasquez Miranda

FFP Awardee, United Nations Forum on Forests

Film Director. Producer of award-winning media for global citizenship and environmental protection in 19 countries. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Premiered at: Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada) / United Nations Forum on Forests (Turkey) /...

Maneesha Sudheer

Christine Goussous

I am a Program Operations Manager at Global Nomads Group, a nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of peer learning, intergroup contact theory, and storytelling in order to prepare young...

Emerson Kamara

Marc Serena

Working in TV, radio, newspapers and documentary director

Aanas Ali

Advocacy Consultant, International Labour Organization

An ambitious and result-driven professional with grassroots and international experience in the past eight years in the areas including human rights, migration (forced & labour), rights-based/sustainable development, employment/livelihood and youth...

Emile Kouakou

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