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IIA Alumni SINGA launches “J’accueille” a project to aid Ukrainian refugees

Tamara El Chammah

SINGA Supports Citizen Hosting Programs Across Europe 
In light of the war in Ukraine, SINGA supports the development of citizen hosting programs for refugees in multiple European countries. In France and Belgium, +5000 families have already come forward to SINGA’s hosting program “J’accueille” and to CALM to open their doors to men, women, and children forced into exile.

This program allows citizens who have a spare room to host refugees for a few months so that they can focus on their projects (resuming their studies, finding a job and housing). Created in 2015, this accommodation program has proven its effectiveness: more than 700 refugees have already been welcomed in France, and the people who enter the program are four times more likely to have a job and six times more likely to find independent, permanent housing.  

J’accueille now accelerates its development in France in 7 new cities and shares its hosting methodology with NGOs in the countries bordering Ukraine: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova. “Citizen hosting is a powerful solution which can be swiftly mobilized. Having developed a real expertise since 2015, it is important for us to pass it on to any organization wishing to support citizens in this approach,” says Vincent Berne, Director of the French hosting program.

Learn more: wearesinga.com/ukraineactions/



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