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Launching our Birth Registration Campaign in Burundi

Mireille Kayeye

We have started the implementation of our ‘Gift A Birth Certificate’ campaign in Burundi. The legal representative, Brigitte Nshimirimana explained the next project to be implemented in the next weeks ‘our next activities aim to inform and educate survivors on how to register their children. Our staff will directly assist them in the registration process by taking them to the government offices, helping them with the paperwork and follow-up enquiries’.

This new hub will focus on supporting survivors of SGBV by providing individual and group counselling from our qualified volunteer psychologist and experienced social workers. We will also use the Centre Baho Nawe to provide referrals for professional medical and legal support, and the Centre will also host support groups, networking and educational events.

In the future, we expect to offer customised programs to enable women and young girls to be independent again, and eventually, return to school or create small businesses in their community.

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