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Cherkaoui Selim

Selim Cherkaoui is a Belgian-based countering violent extremism mission manager in prison. His experience and fields of activity include violent radicalization prevention and de-radicalization....

Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi

Co-founder and chair, Urban Flag

Dr. Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi is the chair of the “Globalization, Territories and Integration” Working Group at the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA), an urban affairs expert...

Lou Rameau-Sender


Karolina Strozyk

Polish young filmmaker, one of the winners of Plural+ UN Video Award and Plural+ 2017 NEXOS Award for "We Are Enough" video. I am trying to bring peace and acceptance...

Robert Gemayel

Ziad Bakri

Ziad Bakri is a Palestinian living in Gaza. He has been a part of various programs and youth initiatives that promoted cultural exchange, overcoming stereotypes and aimed at building peace....

Lucky Giirre

Madeleine Eboa-Joss-Tatto

Roseline Kamdem

Roseline has had over eight years of experience working with youths and women in rural remote communities of the North West region of Cameroon. She is passionate about the socioeconomic...

Drilon Shala

I am Drilon Shala, 29 years old and I come from Gjakova, Kosovo. As an individual I have always placed significant focus on two aspects: developing myself academically and professionally and...

Raphaelle Ayach

Passionate about humans and cultures, my work aims to spead appreciation and respect for human diversity. At Safarni, the organization I founded in 2012, I design and implement intercultural curriculum...

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