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Favela Mundo´s New Video

Marcelo Andriotti

Favela Mundo´s NGO was founded in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro- Brazil by Marcelo Andriotti- actor, teacher and social activist. It have been dedicated last 8 years to poor children and youth from “favelas” in Rio de Janeiro guiding all activities for the development of citizenship through culture.

The organization has benefited 5.387 children and young adults from 132 neighborhoods in the city. Favela Mundo aims to bring youth from all kinds of backgrounds together and show them that friendships cross borders, religious divides and social divisions, and opportunities are everywhere. Currently we have activities in 3 large communities with high levels of violence and social vulnerability (City of God, Rocinha and Acari).

Favela Mundo NGO was presented in 2014 by the United Nations as “Model of Social Inclusion in Big Cities” at the World Cities Day 2014 in New York.

In addition to the courses for children and youth, our NGO also develops professional training courses for parents and young adults to work with carnival, aesthetics and the technical jobs of the performing arts through the “Art Generating Income” project. More than 1,100 people have already been certified for this project.

Our activities are helping to reduce school truancy rates in the favelas we passed through and increased school achievement rates. With this result, in 2015 the NGO signed a partnership with the Education Department of Rio de Janeiro and since then all activities have taken place within schools, in the after school classes, making children and young people perceive schools as a more joyful place and a better place to stay than streets close to the violence or trafficking. In addition to opening the doors of schools for the whole community to participate in classes, providing a greater interaction between residents and improved parental involvement in the school life of their children. Currently, our annual average is 98% of students completing the school year.

Favela Mundo is one of the finalists of the SDG Brazil Award 2018.




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