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IIA Alumni Give Something Back to Berlin develops a course for Harvard Kennedy School!

Tamara El Chammah

Ms. Annamaria Olsson and Ms. Bissan Awwad from Give Something Back to Berlin GSBT (IIA Alumni 2016) contributed to the development of a course for Harvard Kennedy School!

The course touches on the crucial role civil society had in welcoming over one million refugees to Germany in 2015 and onwards. Annamaria and Bissan were guest lecturers in which they shared their knowledge and experience on how GSBTB built and prioritized sustainable integration through this period. Ms. Olsson explained how this manifested in the different activities and creative projects that support a community of migrants and refugees and how migration issues are still ever more pressing today. Ms. Awwad shared her experience fleeing the war in Syria and how her arrival to Germany was welcoming and spoke about which integration approaches worked or not.

The lecture will run for the next two-three years and will be a part of a program for mid-career executives from around the globe on how to implement political policy in practice under the supervision of Professor Eric Rosenbach.




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