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My talk on Wikistage Djelfa: the Power of Saying YES

Ahmed Abdelhakim Hachelaf

Last Month, I gave a talk to an audience of young civic leaders in central Algeria about the importance of positivity and saying YES to helping people and to opportunities of engagement. Through anecdotes, I explained how the world functions in a reciprocal way, if you do something good, part of that good will come back to you. I concluded the talk with the importance of network, visualizing objectives, and prioritizing.

Here is a link to the speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpfhoO76VtI

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IIA Recipient 180 Grad Wende nominated for the “Wir Ist Plural” award!

IIA Recipient Cultural Infusion’s CEO nominated for Global Business and Interfaith Peace Award!

Grassroots Reconciliation Group from Uganda (IIA recipient 2019) featured in ABC NEWS!

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