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Shift Cinema

Mohammed Almahdi

The cinema works as we all believe is the most successful practice in promoting the values of justice, goodness, beauty and education on human rights, freedoms, democracy, empowerment of women, protection of children and environmental sustainability.
It also promotes happiness and peace in audiences, eliminates color, religious, social, economic and political differences, and makes everyone enjoy equality in front the screen.
Supporting cinema in Yemen is the real investment in saving Yemen, which is happening now.
Let us start together and continue to keep the light of cinema radiating in the faces of viewers.

In addition, we practice the magic of art….

Shift Foundation  was established in February 2015, a month before Yemen’s most recent iteration of civil war began.

Regarding to Shift Foundation, which has screened more than 200 Yemeni and International movies in educational and cultural spaces and NGOs and produced two movies. Hopefully, you have time to take a look on our 70 events that we have made voluntarily since November, 2015 in different places and ran two days of the Second International Yemeni Film Festival at Magical City Cinema Theater on the 7th and 8th of December, 2016 in partnership with Yemen Peace Project.

Shift aims to tackle the issues facing Yemeni cinema through organizing film screenings and discussions to educate Yemenis about cinema and to provide a venue for local filmmakers to show and develop their work. Through our message “Cinema comes to you,” Shift helps to build Yemen’s cinema scene and to provide opportunities for residents of Sanaa to get exposure to new films and the social issues that are discussed. My personal goal is to return cinema and filmmaking as a peace-building tool in the Yemeni community.

Since we started our events in November 2015, we have been pleased to make partnerships with local, national and international funds and NGOs.

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