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YOPOC want to reach the needy through Zathu Zomwe: Free Legal Services Programme

YOPOC Malawi

By Henry Nyirenda

Zathu Zomwe (Our Own in English): Free Legal Service Programme was initiated between 2012 and 2013. According to the Director of Legal Affairs of YOPOC, the programme was suspended in 2014 after some technical challenges in the office of Director of Legal Affairs. Presently, the office has removed the challenges. During the period the programme was running, YOPOC assisted five clients. However, most disputes were solved out of court. A demand letter and discussion between the parties was used to solve the disputes. For instance, a private secondary school head teacher and a head master at Malindi Secondary school refused 2 girls to sit for their MSCE at their registered centre because they did not pay third term tuition fees at the private secondary school. The girls paid the examination fees and did not have any issues with Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb), which administers examinations. The two headteachers were reminded of the legal consequences of their actions through a demand letter which was copied to relevant authorities including Maneb and Zomba District Education Office. The two headteachers cooperated and the issue was resolved amicably. The girls were allowed to sit for the examination.

Therefore, it is expected that when the programme is restarted, we are going to reach many deserving Malawians. We will keep updating our potential clients and stakeholders on any development under this programme.

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