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Issah Ali

Executive Director/Member, Vision for Alternative Dev/Federation of Youth Clubs

Member of the Federation of Youth Clubs (FYC) and the Executive Director of Vision for Alternative Development (VALD). Project Coordinator of the FYC/UNAOC Youth Solidarity Project. Involved in the promotion...


I am a filmmaker and engineer in Automated Systems and Data Processing, also holding certification on political studies and social analysis from several International foundations. Co-founder of the 20th February...

UNAOC PROJECT: Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF)

Bashar Salem Eltalhi

In my current role working as Libya Country Manager for a non-profit organization PCI. I have gained varied experience facilitating conflict transformation in Libya. I have developed a wide range...

Iván Fernández García

When I was child, a Chinese family moved to my Spanish city. As they lived near my home, my parents started helping them to get used to their new life....

Jacqueline Sanchez-Carrero

Educomunicator. Ph.D. Communication. Telekids Workshop since 1996.

Nicole Banister

Training & Partnerships Support Coordinator, Grassroot Soccer, 2017 UNAOC EUNA Fellow

Nicole Banister is a globally-minded, collaborative professional with 8 years of experience implementing community development projects across 12 countries. Adept at cross-cultural communication and integrating into diverse international communities, Nicole...

Julie Feremans

Hi! I am Julie, 25 years old and working for the Belgian Ministry of the Interior at the Radicalization Prevention unit. I am project manager of two projects funded by...

Nejma Rondeleux

Javad Mushtaq

Founder and CEO, MAK

Javad is a multi-award winning young professional, diversity leader and serial social entrepreneur from Norway. He has background with strategy from a corporation, and is a serial-entrepreneur, founding his first...

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative

UNAOC PROJECT: Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF)

Jean Felix Mwema Ngandu

Jean Felix Mwema is currently a consultant and training facilitator at the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Kinshasa, DRC and a co-founder and responsible in Kinshasa of a communication's company...

Niaz Muhammad

Mr. Niaz Muhammad is young development professional and youth activist sector working for youth development and gender equity through social mobilization, report writing, youth education, and advocacy and training areas....

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