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Are you a UNAOC Alumnus / Alumna?

Vy Ton Nu Tuong

Brahim Takeroubte

Bread Houses Network

Zdrava is experienced in social and educational projects and services for vulnerable groups. She is involved in social entrepreneurship and change-making projects, establishing meaningful partnerships for collaboration on solving complex...

UNAOC PROJECT: Intercultural Innovation Award (IIA)

Jill Caskey

Jill is currently the Parental Engagement Campaign Manager in the Integrated Education Fund (IEF) were she works with parents and communities to encourage the growth of integrated schools within Northern...

Brian Rothschild

Joanna Paula Cordero

Freelance media and communications practitioner, with experience working as a journalist, editor, social media and website manager. Acquired an MA degree in Journalism from London College of Communications and a...

Joel Dewnou Gbegan

Johannes De Bruycker

Founder / Director, The Caravan's Journal

Johannes De Bruycker is freelance documentary photographer, video maker and founder of The Caravan's Journal, a storytelling collective and educational network that facilitates international masterclasses in countries in transition for...

Ola Sidani

Caleb Chiebuka Adebayo

Founder/Project Manager, Earthplus (Africa)

Caleb is a lawyer, environmentalist and peace advocate. He is the founder of Earthplus, an organisation that advocates for environmental sustainability and explores how a safer, cleaner and healthier environment...

Olga Aymerich

Omar Odermatt

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