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Kids Together Now App Teaching Aussie Kids About Anti-racism

Priscilla Brice

Kids Together Now, a new web-based app aimed at reducing the incidences of racism among children, was recently launched in Australian schools thanks to the Intercultural Innovation Award.

All Together Now, the Australian charity behind Kids Together Now, was recognized in 2014 for its Everyday Racism app. The app was designed to help young adults learn about the various forms of interpersonal racism and ways in which they could effectively speak out against racism.

Two years later and thanks to the support received by the UNAOC and the BMW Group, All Together Now has been able to replicate its idea for a younger audience and produce the Kids Together Now app so that it can be made freely available for Australian teachers.

Through the app, students play one storyline each week in class over a period of eight weeks. Each storyline provides a hypothetical situation in which social exclusion may occur, such as in the playground, at the beach, or during sporting activities. However, while the storylines are hypothetical, they also represent examples of real-world social exclusion that happen far too often in Australian schools.

Kids Together Now has been produced with academic rigor, with the lead academic team comprising Professor Melanie Killen, University of Maryland (USA), Professor Fiona White, The University of Sydney (Australia), and Dr Naomi Priest, Australian National University (Australia).

Managing Director of All Together Now, Priscilla Brice, said: “Thanks to the support All Together Now received from UNAOC and BMW Group, Australian primary schools will have free access to Kids Together Now, a powerful tool to reduce the incidences of racism among children.”

For more information about Kids Together Now: http://alltogethernow.org.au/app-for-children/

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