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Are you a UNAOC Alumnus / Alumna?

Christian Pardo

CEO - President, Internacional Juvenil (IJ)

Mr. Pardo as president of Internacional Juvenil (IJ) he has worked for a long time in favor of youth worldwide. He won two awards of best practices of youth in...

Peterson Lotin Loterson

I am Peterson Lotin, Information Systems Engineer, I have worked for several years in the production of video of social and educational character. Using my capacities to create a more...

Coren Jonathan Allen

Founder, What if it Just Started Raining?”

The author of What if it Just Started Raining? and founder of The Kambimbi Academy, is a native of Salem, Oregon, on the West Coast of the United States of...

Danielle Bonner

I describe myself as a human rights and equality activist and educator, since graduating with a masters degree in peace and conflict studies I’ve worked and volunteered with a number...

Raphaelyn C.Nae Bomosy

Raphaelyn C.N Bomosy is a volunteer development worker, accountant, humanitarian, and peace messenger. Recognizing the need for transformational, not-for-profit work in communities in Liberia, Ms. Bomosy, founded The Raphaelyn Foundation...

Leonardo Párraga

Social entrepreneur with a passion to jump-start projects that help the youth play a key role in the development of their societies. With a background in business management and journalism,...

Denis Adesina DANIEL

I am a Political Scientist, peacebuilder, human right advocate and humanitarian activist. I promote women’s empowerment, youth education and peacebuilding. I obtained my Bachelor of Political Science from the Institut...

Dickson Oyugi

Am a hardworking gentleman and i work with time also interested to know people culture and socialize.

Romel Jean Pierre

Member of atis rezistans, co founder of teleghetto Haiti, passionate about film, social inclusion and human right , and big dreamer and actiidt for real change in Haiti

Douglas Lisboa Codo Dias

I graduated in Psychology, work in a Bank and my hobbies are Cinema and Plays.

Rowaida Abdulmajid Al Khulaidi

Rowaida is a project manager working in an international organisation leading on a diverse range of projects in addition to lately being certified as an English language teacher. She leads on...

Maja Nenadovic

Maja Nenadović is an experienced public speaker who uses her debate coaching expertise to challenge and transform societal stereotypes.  She is one of the founders of the Croatian Education and Development Network...

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